2009 Is Off To A Great Start!

This past Wednesday we had Vision Night, and it was powerful! The worship time was incredible, and there was a sense of excitement and anticipation for what 2009 will hold. I love First Wednesday!  I shared from Joshua 12, we see that Israel had to overcome 31 Kings to gain the ground God promised them. Those kings represent obstacles in our path to what God has for us. Anytime Christians are gaining new ground, that means the devil is losing ground and he will put up a fight.  To fulfill God’s vision for us, it will take a tremendous amount of courage! (Joshua 1:1-11) I also shared 3 things we must do to move forward this year.

  1. Empower (2 Timothy 2:2) – we need to step up to a new level of leadership.
  2. Be Creative – we will need to be creative with our resources and our leadership. 
  3. Volunteer Revolution – We will need every member to serve on a ministry team in 2009.  The vision is to "Worship one… Serve one."

Click here for the podcast.

2009 is a year Extending for C3.  We will be launching a new service, a new campus, and new churches.  Our new Saturday night service will begin on Super Weekend, January 31/February 1 and our C3 Raleigh Campus plans to launch March 29 in the North Hills Cinema.  I am praying for 500 warriors to help us as we launch forward…. 300 to commit to launching the new Saturday night 4pm service and 200 to commit to helping us launch C3 Raleigh.

This weekend we continue our Awakening teaching series, and we are launching 21 Days of Praying and Fasting on Sunday (Jan. 11-31). I can’t wait to see all that God does!  I encourage everyone to join us as we pray, fast, and seek God strong for the next 21 days. You can fast for one day, few days or the entire 21 days.  For details on the fast, click HERE.  We can’t wait to see all that God will do in 2009!


  • Duane

    Vision night was awesome. Last night’s service was awesome and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in 2009!!

  • it was great to worship with you all again, and exciting to hear about the big plans!
    Nathan Lawrenson