2 Days!

Hard to believe that the Accelerate Conference is just 2 days away! I am so pumped up and jacked up right know I can hardly sit still.  God has answered my prayers by giving me a specific message for those who are attending this conference.  My prayer is that not only will those that attend take home some principles, ideas and resources but most importantly that God will light a fire in their hearts that will impact communities and cities!  And I am so excited that Greg Surratt will be joining me and speaking for the conference as well.  We’ve been friends for about 5 years and he is one of the most dynamic leaders in our country today and I love his sense of humor!


Not only are we hosting the Accelerate Conference but are also preparing to open the new C3 Café on Friday as well.  I am writing this from a local Starbucks… but beginning Friday we will be drinking Starbucks coffee on the C3 campus complete with fireplace, plasma TV’s, and a cutting edge vibe.  So those of you who come to Accelerate will be the first one’s to experience the C3 Café!  The Café will open Friday morning at 9am until 10pm, and Saturday and Sunday morning from 7:30am until 2pm… for this weekend only.  Stay tuned for updated hours.
Let me know what your favorite drink is and I will try and have it waiting for you!


(Here’s the coffee cups for the C3 Cafe)

  • Erin

    I’ll take a grande triple non-fat no whip white mocoa…can’t wait for Accelerate!!! It is going to be off the charts!

  • Marcy

    Sweet tea!!! (sorry, not a coffee drinker…)

  • Jeremy

    Can’t wait to see it, and looking forward to a quad espresso straight up, that’s how I roll!

  • Mitch, the fig with the hair

    I am not sure what the cup was holding in my picture here, but come accelerate that cup will be filled with vanilla latte goodness.

  • Tami Poland

    Hey Pastor I can’t wait this is going to be so exciting.