15 Years and Still Going

Last week, Martha and I celebrated our 15th year of marriage. I surprised her by taking her on a little trip to a sunny place with plenty of beach. That’s one reason why I’ve taken a break from my blog. I didn’t even get on my computer for a week… and I started to get used to it. One afternoon, we were walking on the beach and Martha said, “I wonder what time it is?” (neither of us had watches on) and I thought about it for a second and said, “Who cares?” and we both laughed. But I’m back and fired up about all that God is doing.

(Here’s a pic of the sunrise just outside where we stayed.)

This weekend we launch a new series called Riding The Wave. I can’t wait to share all that God has put on my heart as we take a journey through the book of Acts. Let’s ride the wave together!

  • karen

    With that view, we’re just glad you came back!
    Happy Anniversary!

  • Dan Goodson

    Pastor Matt and Martha,
    Fifteen is just a good start! Can’t wait for the new series.

  • pipes

    Congrats you love birds! 15 years! Wow! God has been good to you. Thanks for being such an awesome example of a Godly couple and leading our family. We love you!
    The Pipes

  • Duane

    We are glad to have you back Pastor.
    It looks as if you had an awesome time. Great start to the new series last night. We are headed to the beach ourselves. See you in a week.

  • C. Bolduc

    Pastor, congratulations on you 15th, I hope when Krystal and I get there we’ll still be as vibrant and passionate about God, ministry , and each other as you are. Congrats!

  • Kristina Harrell

    Hi Pastor, Welcome back and congratulations to you and Martha on 15 years. May God bless the next 15+ years and continue to use the 2 of you as wonderful examples as to what He intended marriage to be.
    BTW – with a setting/view like those photos we apreciate you coming back to your C3 family. 🙂

  • Carrie Lee

    Congratulations on 15 years, you deserved to take a break and “unplug”! I’m so glad you got to get away and enjoy each other. Thank you both for all you do, for our C3 family & this community. Our family loves you all, you will never know how much you have influenced us in our relationship with God and with each other. Thank you! (BTW, first Wed was AWESOME!)
    Carrie Lee

  • congrats. (sorry to be so late with it, but congrats anyway!)

  • Debra Wyatt

    My husband of two years have lived together for 10. As a result of attending c3 the lord put it on our heart to be married in the eyes of God and to invite him into our marriage.This weekend my husband reminded me that the times we had prayed together were the times he felt closest to me and God.And could we get back on track with that.What a blessing to have a husband that wants to pray with you. This is not the same man I met 10years ago.We have been so blessed in so many ways as a result of getting involved with c3.Thanks Martha And Pastor Matt for showing us that its about progess not perfection.Vacations after 10 years are awesome .