14th Anniversary Devotional: Day 7


Day 7: EXPOSE The Gospel
And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”
Mark 16:15 NLT
These are the words Jesus spoke after the Resurrection to his disciples, unleashing them to continue his ministry and build His church. His words are clear and direct, yet so often we find ourselves struggling to justify sharing the Good News. We chalk it up to what people may think of us. But Jesus didn’t say to consider those things; He said, “go.” If we are to go and preach the Good News to everyone, we need to accept something: there will be times when doing so is uncomfortable. Telling someone about Jesus isn’t guaranteed to be comfortable, but it is what Jesus commanded us to do. Sacrificing your comfort for a very small amount of time doesn’t begin to compare to the rewards of being obedient.
Praise God for the missionaries he sends all over the world to reach people with the Good News. Ask God to forgive you for a time when you were more concerned with your own well being than someone else’s and it stopped you from sharing the News they needed to hear. Thank God for unleashing His people and His Church to spread the good news. Thank Him for allowing you to be a part of the Church through C3. Also, thank God for each and every person that has been reached for Christ through C3’s outreach efforts. Pray that your heart and mind would be most concerned with Jesus and His commandment to share the Good News with the entire world. Pray that you would share that News out of the overflow of love in your heart.

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