14th Anniversary Devotional: Day 5

EQUIP Believers

“You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God our savior.”

Psalm 65:5a NLT

As we approach C3’s 14th Anniversary, focus your thoughts on prayer. From a small gathering in an elementary school to our campus today, C3’s story is nothing short of a miracle. But more than that, it’s the story of answered prayers. Time and time again, this church has called out to God to help it reach the lost. Some of His answers were clearer than others, but He answered them all. God leaves no prayer unanswered. Indeed, like the Psalmist says, He faithfully answers our prayers, and He does so with awesome deeds. Each of the last 14 years has been filled with nothing less than awesome deeds. There are stories of salvation, restored marriages, bondages broken, and person after person giving their time to make a difference for someone else. Our church is where it is today because of the sacrifices of many.


Give praise and glory to God for the things you’ve seen him do at C3 over the years. Praise him for your personal involvement. Ask God for forgiveness for the times when you didn’t think He could answer your prayers, or when you thought your prayers went unanswered. Thank God for bringing you to C3 and for the person that most likely invited you to come for the first time. Give thanks for the lives that have been changed. Pray for God to use you in ways that bring glory to his Kingdom through the church in the coming years. Pray for support for the leaders of the church. Then pray that lost people continue to be reached by C3.