14th Anniversary Celebration Devotional: Day 3

Day 3:
EXPERIENCE Ministry – The Dream Team


The people said to Joshua, “We will
serve the Lord our God. We will obey him alone.”

Joshua 24:24 NLT


Serving on The Dream Team at C3 is more
than holding open a door or teaching kids about God – it’s about serving others
through serving God. At the heart of God’s love for people is a servant heart,
one made whole by the serving of others. Since we were created in His image, we
were created to serve others. But even when we serve others, we should do so
from the perspective of serving God first. See, true fulfillment and happiness
in this life doesn’t come from money or power; it comes from the direct act of serving
our God. When we serve Him, we are honoring, praising, and giving glory to the
Father. All of us serve a god, whether it’s money, possessions, or the one true
God. When He is our God, we will find ourselves serving Him naturally, and
obeying Him alone.



Praise God for letting you serve Him
and for giving you joy when you do so. Ask for forgiveness for the times you served
another God in your life. Thank God for creating you in a way that finds
fulfillment when serving Him and others. Thank Him for all the people C3 has
served over the last 14 years. Pray that our church and its family would serve
God through serving others each and every week. Pray for ways you can serve
others, and as a result God, more in your life. Pray for an army of volunteers
to jump on board in getting plugged in to serve in the life of C3.