14th Anniversary Celebration Devotional: Day 14

Day 14: EQUIP Believers


Brothers, my heart's desire and prayer
to God for them is that they may be saved.

Romans 10:1 ESV


On the last day of this devotional
series, it’s important to stay focused on our vision, to provide real hope for real people in a real world.
C3 has been reaching the lost for the last 14 years, and along the way it has
been raising up people to have the same desire as Paul in today’s verse. Paul’s
heart was at such a place for the lost that it affected everything about his
life, down to his prayers. His prayer here is focused on them, not him. It
reflects an attitude and lifestyle shaped by Jesus, where priorities are
arranged as God first, others second, self last. Today, focus your prayers on
all the people, all the names and faces that have been reached out to over the
last 14 years.



Praise God for His leading, using His
people to help bring the lost home. Ask for forgiveness for praying only for
yourself at times. Thank God for the people He has saved over the last 14 years
at C3. Pray for our 14th Anniversary Celebration and our special
IMAGINE offering. Pray that all would be obedient to do what God would lead
them to do. Pray for multiplication of all that is given towards our IMAGINE
offering. Pray above all that lives would be changed and people would be saved.


The best is yet to come!!! 


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