14th Anniversary Celebration Devotional: Day 4

The Gospel


Because of our faith, Christ has
brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, and we
confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory.

Romans 5:2 NLT


The biggest reason we don’t share our
faith with others is that we’re concerned with how they will react or what
they’ll think of us. When that’s on the forefront of our minds, it limits our
ability to share the Gospel or even invite someone to church. Paul challenges
us to move to a place of realizing the privilege of the knowledge we have and
letting that realization propel us forward to invite others into the faith with
joy and confidence. When you want to invite a coworker to church, don’t dwell
on what they will think of you. Instead, let your knowledge of the Good News
compel you to share it with them so that they might be saved. Today, invite
that person to C3 who always pops into your mind when you think about inviting
someone to church. Don’t let the day pass without extending the invitation out
of joy and confidence. Remember you or someone you know likely came to C3 and
came to know Christ through a simple invitation.



Praise God for giving us
the Gospel that we can be confident and joyful in. Ask for forgiveness for
allowing anything to stop you from inviting someone to C3. Thank God for all the invitations he has
blessed over the last 14 years through C3. Give thanks in advance for the
courage of the church family to share their faith and invite people. Pray that
each person at C3 would extend an invitation to a friend, coworker, or someone
else in their life today. Pray that those who are receiving the invitation do
so with open hearts and minds. Then pray for the confidence and joy in the
Gospel that Paul proclaims in today’s verse.