Tonight about 6pm we will begin a journey of fasting
and praying for the next 2 weeks. 
I am so fired up about this because I know that God is up to something
BIG.  We have provided a 14 Day
Devotional book so that we can all read the same scripture and pray the same
prayers together.  Everyone will
receive a hard copy at C3 or you can go online here.  My prayer is that we would step out of the boat and pursue
our awesome God with passion! 

Here are a few things to pray for…

·      Pray
for the Vision that God has for C3 for 2009 (see previous blog post)

·      Pray
that God will provide the resources and leadership that we need to fulfill His

·      Pray
for churches all over the country that are also seeking God through praying and

·      Pray
for Children’s Cup as they provide care for children in Africa affected by

·      Pray
and ask God what He would have you to give as we prepare for our special
BEYONDme Kingdom Builder Offering November 22-23.


  • patience

    We’re in!

  • Natalie

    Daniel and I are in–just got back from the store–getting some fast friendly food!

  • Amy

    Ashley and I are in!

  • Rod

    I’m excited about the 14 Days of Prayer and Fasting. God is going to do some amazing things.

  • Mary

    I’m in and so is Don!

  • Daniel

    I just ate enough tonight to last me 14 days!

  • Pipes

    we are in!