13 Days of Prayer & Fasting

It’s hard to believe that 13 years ago Martha and I moved from Lynchburg, VA to Johnston County to plant C3 Church. It’s been an amazing journey. It has been challenging, exciting, and very fruitful. C3 is a church that is clearly focused on reaching the unchurched and the hurting. Our passion is to provide Real Hope for Real People in a Real World. In the past year we have seen 1,064 people make a Fresh Start with God. Now that’s a “Yea God” story. Every one number represents a person with a soul that now has hope in Jesus and an eternal home in heaven. Our desire is to passionately reach out to others so that it’s really hard to go to hell if you live in our area!

The next 13 days will be life changing. I want to challenge you to pray and fast. There is power when you combine prayer and fasting together. And when you have a group of people fasting and praying together, WOW, anything is possible. So we are going to fast for 13 days, November 6-18, one day for every year of C3. As we seek God, we are believing in miracles for the next 13 years. We are praying not only for financial blessings but also that the power of God would work in every area of your life and our church family. I would also like to encourage you to pray about what God would have you give for our special SUPERNATURAL Offering November 19-20. This is an offering above and beyond your normal giving and your tithe. That weekend will also be our 13 Year Anniversary Weekend! Our special guest will be recording artist Anthony Evans and it’s going to be a weekend we will never forget.

Also, pray and ask God what type of fast you should do. Most of us will do a Daniel type fast, which primarily means that you cut out meats and sweets. You can go to MarthaFry.org or check out resources in The Source for more information. You may choose to do a liquid only fast, or you may fast TV or anything else that prevents you from connecting with God. There’s freedom in fasting to do what God is calling you to do. I just ask that you fast something and pray with all your heart that God will do an amazing work in the next 13 years. It is an honor to be your pastor and Martha and I love you so much! The Best Is Yet To Come!