This weekend Matt is going to begin a new sermon series based on Jesus’ 12 disciples called ‘twelve’. I am so excited about this series, not only because I know it is going to be challenging, but also because it is our first real interactive series!

The thing I love about blogging, Facebook, and twitter is that they are all great ways to stay connected with friends, family, and people from other churches, and hear about what is happening in their lives. With this series, we are giving you the opportunity to share what God is doing in your life and read about all He is doing in other people’s lives as well.

All you have to do is go to 12followers.com and post a comment. As Matt preaches on the 12 disciples, we will share information throughout the week about the lives of the disciples, and you will be able to respond with how God is working and moving in your life.

It’s going to be awesome! So, come this weekend, check out the website, and let’s watch and see how God moves in our lives as we follow Him!

See you this weekend,

  • Al

    Ms. Martha,
    As I told you late last week, do enjoy Exodus when they come. Am always blessed to have them and hear them. But don’t nothing take the place of the C3 praise band!!!! My wife and I are LOOKING FORWARD to C3 Praise Band being IN’DA HOUSE this coming Saturday night!!!! Ya’ll are still tops in mine and my wife’s eyes!!!!! You and the band continue to glorify God, cause when ya’ll do, you touch the lives of so many of us!!!! Ya’ll are TOPS!!!!!!!!