As we celebrate 12 years as a church family I thought I would share with you some things that I love about YOU and C3 Church… 

1. We Like To Have Fun! There were times growing up that I thought church had to be boring and irrelevant but I’ve discovered the opposite and at C3 Church we like to have fun and laugh. We like to laugh with each other and at ourselves. 

2. We Are Holy Spirit Led. We desire to be led not by man’s tradition or by popular opinion but by what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do as we pray and fast.

3. We Are Non Religious. Our focus is to be like Jesus not to be religious.  Jesus offers a personal relationship which leads to experience LIFE.

4. We Are Passionate for God! At C3 I love how we have a passion for God and we love to worship. There’s a freedom to worship God.

5. We Are Passionate to Share the Gospel with a Hurting World. We are fully committed to share the good news of Jesus every week and we see people begin a fresh start with Him every service.

6. We Are Committed to Serving God with Excellence. I love that you can serve God and do it with excellence.  I had a mentor tell me years ago that if its Christian it ought to be better than the world!  Our church has a passion to raise the bar of excellence in our community and beyond.

7. Every Person Matters. Every person is important no matter where they are from or what their background is. Every person matter to God and to us!

8. We Love The Next Generation! The next generation are empowered to serve and make a difference.  They aren’t just the church of tomorrow they are the church of today! Our C3 Students rock!

9. We Recognize That We Aren’t The Perfect Church. We don’t try to pretend that we have it all figured out and every church should do what we do.  We are a group of ordinary people who are totally surrendered their life to Jesus and desire to make a difference for Him.

10. We Are Crazy…. Crazy for Jesus! I love that our church is filled with people who don’t’ care what people think… they aren’t ashamed of the gospel.  We are a group of people sold out and crazy for Jesus.

11. We are a Generous Church! I continue to be amazed at the generosity of C3. It takes every single of one of us working together and serving together to accomplish what God has called us to do.

12. We Have a BIG Vision That Touches Lives Around the World! Our passion is to provide Real Hope for Real People in a Real World.  And our vision is not just to impact Johnston County or just the Raleigh/Clayton region but that we could impact lives and churches around the state and around the world.

Here’s a fun video that we showed today at C3 where some people shared what they love about C3.  Check it out…

I look forward to this Sunday as we celebrate our 12 Year Anniversary! We will have a time of cake, coffee and fellowship after each service.


  • Angi

    If someone had asked me why I love my church, I believe this is EXACTLY what I would say! I am so happy to be part of a church that is led by a REAL & HONEST pastor & staff. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness to our Lord while leading our church! Jesus is here, and anything is possible!