12 Hours of Supernatural Prayer

As we prepare for MVP Sunday I would like to challenge as many of us as possible to take a 12-hour period and pray. It was exactly 12 years ago this Sunday that we had our launch service in the Cleveland Elementary school cafeteria with about 167 people in attendance.  That was just the beginning of an amazing journey as God has used us to reach out to real people with real hope from Jesus. Many things have changed since that Kick Off Sunday 12 years ago…. We have our own building now, God’s blessed us with a 47-acre campus, we have hundreds of volunteers that serve every week, we have a 24/7 Internship Program, C3 Chicks, C3 Warriors, and I had hair! But one thing that hasn’t changed is connecting the unchanging word of God and the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are hurting and don’t have a relationship with Him. We like to say to provide Real HOPE, for Real PEOPLE, in a Real WORLD… and we know that only comes from Jesus!Ps Matt Me preaching in the Cleveland Elementary School cafeteria.

So this Saturday, September 23 I would like for you to take a one-hour time period and pray for our MVP Sunday and for lives to be changed.  Pray for those that you have invited and for those who may need to experience the supernatural power of God.  So choose an hour between 8am – 9pm. Each hour will represent one year of C3 Church and believing that the next 12 years will be beyond what we could imagine as we reach out to hurting people.

8-9am – 1st year                                    2-3pm – 7th year
9-10am – 2nd year                                3-4pm – 8th year
10-11am – 3rd year                              4-5pm – 9th year
11-12pm – 4th year                              5-6pm – 10th year
12-1pm – 5th year                                6-7pm – 11th year
1-2pm – 6th year                                   7-8pm – 12th year

Let me know, by posting a comment below, what hour you will be praying so that we can encourage each other and make sure that every hour is filled. And don’t forget to INVITE and BRING your top 10 MVP this Sunday! 9:30am, 11:30am & 5pm.


  • Donald Gates

    Don and Desiree Gates will be praying in the first hour 7 to 8
    We beleive the lord is going to pack the house out on Sunday see you all there.

  • Jim Harrison

    Pastor Matt,
    I want you to know that I’m behind you and our very important mission this weekend. I volunteer myself for the hours of 4am – 5am.
    I challenge my fellow Warriors to lead by example. May God bless you Pastor Matt and our dedicated Church Staff and Volunteers.

  • Mike Figueras

    I can’t give you an exact hour Pastor but i will continually be praying throughout Saturday at every chance i can. I believe GOD’s supernatural power will be displayed, that HE will heal, HE will make HIS son’s name known, Jesus will be exalted and chains will be broken in HIS name.

  • Christian

    Pastor Matt the Painters will be praying for the 10-11am time. Excited to see all the changed lives this weekend and each weekend as God works through you and our church!

  • Vernon Harkins

    I will be praying from 8-9 a.m. It is going to be an awesome day!!!!

  • Randy Boschee

    Boschee’s will pray at the 8-9pm time slot

  • Daniel Walker

    Pastor Matt, the Walker’s will be praying between 5PM and 6PM.

  • Erin

    The Jones Family will be praying during the 11am-12pm hour. Going to be a great weekend!

  • heather lowe

    The Lowes will be praying from 7-8?!?!? God has something BIG for us this weekend I just know it?!

  • heather lowe

    The Lowes will be praying from 7-8?!?!? God has something BIG for us this weekend I just know it?!

  • heather lowe

    The Lowes will be praying from 7-8?!?!? God has something BIG for us this weekend I just know it?!

  • Duane

    The Fisk’s will be praying 1-2 pm. It will be an incredible day!

  • Sheila Cowell

    Cowell’s will be praying 9-10am!!! Can’t wait to see lives changed!!!

  • Scott Leider – KingdomsCause (Twitter)

    I will be praying and fasting for the entire period. You are all an incredible part of the body and more effective than you think because God is more powerful than you know. Blessings from San Diego.

  • lori deans

    Lori Deans from 5pm to 6 pm

  • Mary Burton

    The Burton’s will be praying from 12p-1p!!!

  • MaryAnn

    Pastor Matt, Danny & I will be praying from 3-4PM! We can’t wait to see all God is going to do Sunday!

  • Nate

    Pastor the Fairfield’s will finish Saturday STRONG by praying form 7pm-8pm…that’s 1900-2000hrs Warrior time 🙂

  • Amy Collins

    Amy Collins will be praying from 8-9am! Much love to you all!!! I am also bringing my friend who needs a tremendous healing! He is also questioning what he has done to deserve his pain and suffering! He needs God and C3

  • Diane Smith

    Jerry and Diane will be praying from 8:00 am to 9:00 am

  • Katie Chatham

    We will be praying throughout the day, but will be honored to cover from 2-3pm!

  • The Williams

    We will be praying from 12-1 that God will move on Sunday. Nice pic of the “old school” Pastor Matt 🙂

  • Chris Brethauer

    Chris and Amanda Brethauer will be praying the 6-7PM time slot. It’s gonna be an awesome Sunday!! Lives will be changed!!

  • Georgianna

    Clay and I will take 4pm-5pm.

  • pipes

    The Pipes Family will pray through out the day but we will cover 8-9 am & 8-9 pm.

  • Jill

    The McLendon Family (Wayne, me, Carly, & Carson) will cover 7pm-8pm! So excited for this Sunday!!! Its WILL BE amazing!

  • Dawn Graham

    I will be praying from 8-9 am 🙂

  • Mark Cooper

    Mark and Jill Cooper prayed while walking the neighborhood tonight during the 7 pm time slot – a great time to focus prayer on our great God, the miracles this season, and people visiting tomorrow for the first time! We also thanked God for Pastor Matt’s leadership and for the direction He is giving our staff.