12 Guys Who Changed The World

This weekend we launch a brand new series called “twelve” (pretty creative name huh?). For several weeks we will be studying the life of the 12 disciples. I have enjoyed digging into the background of the disciples and learning about their commitment and their passion. One thing that is very apparent about the “twelve” is that they were ordinary guys that Jesus chose. None of them were religious super stars… They didn’t have impressive resumes’ nor were they highly educated. Just a bunch of fishermen, tax collectors and common men. Jesus demonstrated that he was such a rebel against the religious establishment of His day by choosing these guys. And how cool that together they changed the world!

Acts 17:6, “But when they did not find them, they dragged Jason and some brethren to the rulers of the city, crying out, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.”(NKJV)

This series will combine “Old School” and “New School”… A little high tech and a little low tech. We will have the following:
Web site: http://www.12followers.com/
Twitter: @12followers
Facebook: C3 Church group
Connect Groups: Meeting throughout the week in homes and Wed. night at C3
Live Feed: All Weekend services will be LIVE on 12followers.com (Saturday 6pm, Sunday 9:15 and 11am)

It’s going to be exciting to take this journey together as we discover how to be a Follower of Jesus!


  • Al

    What a weekend!!! The sermon series is a GREAT one!!!! Inspired me to go out and purchase Mr. MacArthur’s book,
    “12 Ordinary Men.” Worked with Promise Keepers for a few years and always put this book on the shelf for men to purchase, but never got around to reading it myself. Am starting now. If the book is going to be as good as the preaching series is starting out, C3….no wait…..lower Johnston County better GET READY!!
    Do have one comment to say….somebody didn’t believe God to His “fullest” when C3 was led to do a Saturday night service…Two weeks in session now and BOTH sessions required the placing of more and more chairs out AFTER folks got in the building!!! Look C3 leadership, God is giving you the play, He has broken the huddle, He has opened up the #3 hole in line and He is ready for ya’ll/us to run for the end zone!!!! Step out of the boat!!! Put out more chairs!!
    Be like Gideon…..Keep putting out more and more chairs and watch God “cause them to be wet!!”
    From that great theologian Kevin Costner, C3…”build (put out the chairs) it and they will come!!!”