• LIFE CHANGE! First of all I am so fired up to see all of the
    lives that are being changed at C3 Church. We have seen more salvation and
    baptisms so far this year than we have in any year in the 12 year journey of
    C3.  It’s another example of God’s
    power and grace at work.  So far
    this year we have already baptized 239 people for Christ. 
  • SUPERNATURAL! We are kicking off a new series September 12
    called Supernatural and we are going to look at some of the amazing miracles in
    God’s Word.  Some you will be
    familiar with and others you may not. This is a great series to bring your
    friends to as we see what an awesome God we have!
  • NINES Conference, September 9 sponsored by Leadership
    Network.  This is a FREE online
    conference with about 100 speakers. 
    I am honored to share one of the talks on the 9’s. It’s actually 6
    minutes long.  The shortest talk
    I’ve ever given! You can register at www.leadnet.org
  • SYATP Rally for students, September 19 with Robbie Robison.
    This is the biggest night of the year for our students as they prepare for the
    See You At The Pole prayer time Wednesday morning, September 22 at their
  • PASTORS ROUNDTABLE for Planting Churches in Europe, October
    8, noon – 3pm. I’m fired up to be hosting Pastor Sebastian VanWessem from
    Holland who is one of the leaders of Europe Advance… a church planting network
    in Europe similar to the ARC.  If
    you are a pastor or staff member and would be interested in being a part just
    contact erin@c3church.com
  • CHICK NIGHT, October 10 with Martha Fry and Lori Champion!
    This is a night just for ladies! They are going to have a fashion show,
    worship, powerful messages, and lots of girl stuff.
  • MVP Day at C3! October 24. Once a year we have a Friend Day
    and this year we are calling it MVP… Most Valuable People Day.  I want to encourage you to begin praying about the 10 people that you would like to invite.  We are going to have a blast!
  • VISION NIGHT, November 3 at First Wednesday. This is the BIG
    Vision Night where I will share the vision God has given us for 2011. This is
    one of the most exciting nights of the year at C3.
  • C3 Warriors MEN’S NIGHT, November 7 with Pastor Olden
    Thornton! This will be our second men’s night and I am fired up. Back by
    popular demand is our corn hole tournament which will kick off Sunday
    afternoon, we will have plenty of good food, and then the service will begin at
    6pm… Kicking men’s worship flow, Pastor Olden from Raleigh International
    , I will be speaking and tons of give aways just for men.
  • YOU! By far what fires me up is what God is doing in your
    life! I am so blessed to serve as your Pastor. I love hearing what’s happening
    in your life.  If you have a
    testimony or something you’d like to share please send it to me at pastor@c3church.com The BEST is yet to
  • Mike Figueras

    I am in agreement with you Pastor. The best is yet to come! We are so blessed to have you at the helm 🙂