10 Qualities Of A Warrior – Part 9

Today we will look at how the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ Jesus chose and developed key people.  Today’s quality is…


Leaders Choose and Develop their Key People. (Luke 10:1, Matt. 10:1)

“Jesus chose the twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach.” (Mark 3:14)

Effective leaders know that those who are closest to them impact their success. They do not leave this issue to chance. They select who will be on their team, and pay close attention to whom will play crucial roles on that team. Jesus never took a vote; He made deliberate choices about everything, and even stayed up all night praying before He chose His disciples. He consistently challenged people to take deeper steps on commitment to the cause of the Kingdom.

Principles of Jesus’ plan of team building included selection, impartation, delegation, supervision and reproduction.

Two resources that can help you apply the truths of this principle are; “Four Cups” by my good friend Chris Hodges, and “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.