10 Qualities Of A Warrior – Part 8

Although Jesus’ ministry here on earth only lasted 3 years, the world was forever changed after his resurrection!  Today’s quality is…


Great Leaders Lead on a Higher Level(John 16:33, Matthew 16:24)

“In the world the Gentiles lord it over one another, but it shall not be so among you…” (Matthew 20:25)

Jesus led on a higher level than others, and called for a higher commitment from His followers. Jesus demonstrated leadership that was never satisfied with mediocrity. Leaders do not merely get by and maintain what has already been. Jesus knew credibility comes from solving problems. His leadership surpassed normal expectations. Despite His own lowly beginnings, He led people to a life they could never achieve on their own.

In order to lead on a higher level, sometimes we realize that we must make changes in ourselves.  Resources can go a long way into helping us accomplish that.  My friends and fellow Pastors, Rick Bezet and Rob Ketterling wrote two books that can help all of us in these areas:  “Be Real Because Fake is Exhausting” and “Change Before You Have To”