10 Qualities Of A Warrior – Part 2

During His time on earth, Jesus was the ultimate leader.  In fact, he turned three years of ministry into a worldwide movement that changed history, so you could also call him the ‘Ultimate Warrior!’  Over the next couple of days, we will be spending time looking at 10 key leadership principles that Jesus modeled for us to imitate.  Today’s principle is…


Let your Purpose Prioritize your Life. (Luke 19:10, Matthew 6:33) “Father, I have glorified you on earth, having accomplished the purpose you have given Me to do (John 17:4).”

In many ways, the entire life and ministry of Jesus was about setting priorities and living by them. When He said, “Let the dead bury their own dead,” Jesus spoke to the need to not be distracted from the real and most important goal, even those emergency situations that claim our attention (Matthew 8:22). When His friend Lazarus died, He stayed focused on what He was doing, and didn’t leave to visit him for two days. Jesus was a man on a mission (Luke 9:51). Leadership must be driven, not by the whims of people but by your God-given purpose.