10 Qualities Of A Warrior – Part 5

When Jesus was on the earth, he maximized three years of ministry, into a worldwide movement that would change the world forever.  For day five, we will look at how Jesus placed importance on resourcing himself…


Leaders must Replenish Themselves. (Mark 3:7-10, Luke 4:42-43) “Come yourselves out apart into a desert place, and rest a while.” (Mark 6:31)

Life is demanding. People are demanding. The more you succeed, the more you lead, and the more people will demand of you. Replenishing yourself requires your attention. Many times, Jesus would leave a crowd of people-the very people He was sent to serve-and depart into a place of solitude. He knew that times of solitude with His Father in heaven would enable Him to regain perspective and refuel Himself for what was to come. If Jesus needed to replenish Himself, how much more do we need to as well!