10 Days of Praying and Fasting Begins!

It’s Sunday night and I’m sitting in Starbucks drinking my
last cup of coffee… at least for 10 days.


Beginning tonight and ending
Wednesday night April 30 we are going to seek God with all our heart. I
am so fired up to see all that God is going to do in my life and your
life. Remember that our focus is Jesus, not what kind of foods we
aren’t eating. It’s a Daniel’s Fast, not the Daniels diet. The goal is
not to lose weight but to get more of Jesus!  I’d love to hear what God
is doing in your life. Time to go shopping for some fruits and veggies! Love ya.

  • Leigh

    We are excited about the fast and what God has planned. Thank you so much for sharing your heart yesterday. The service blew us away and your passion and willingness to speak from the heart is what makes C3 a place where the lost and the hurt can find their way and their healing. Thank you for being such an AWESOME man of God Pastor. We are indeed truly blessed in you.

  • Chuck

    My wife and I joined C3 yesterday, and last night we began our first ever fast. I must say that this is going to be quite a challenge for me. I’ll just say that I’m not the biggest vegitable fan. I’m excited to do this though, and I’m ready to make an effort to become closer to God. Thank you for all you do.

  • Duane

    As I sit here drinking my herbal tea, I have to admit that I’m missing my Starbucks a whole lot. However, this is all for the Kingdom and I can’t wait to see what God has in store in the next nine days.