0 days 15 hours 03 minutes 45 seconds…

What does a pastor do the day before Grand Opening? Chill at the mall with the family… Drinking Starbucks of course. I’m at the Apple store admiring the cool tech stuff and pull up c3church.org on the countdown clock says 0 days 15 hours 22 minutes and 24 seconds.
Hard to believe the Big day is almost here. Let’s be praying that tomorrow is not just a day where our new facility is filled with people, but filled with His power.

Joshua 3:5, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you!”

I’ve got an idea to invite some friends tonight. Go to YouTube and click on our tv commercial and you can send it to a friend! Technology can be so cool. See you tomorrow!

  • Dan

    Pastor Matt,
    Take it all in tomorrow!!! I know we are going to. I’m so excited and will probably struggle sleeping tonight.
    Dan & Torey